Our Services

VIT sa is committed to provide high level of services and support. A dedicated team is always available to solve any possible issue, no matter how big or small it is, significant or not. With 24/7 availability we serve on time all our customers around the world.

Project Management

We know the importance of every single project of our customers either if it is a complete processing line or a single piece of equipment. We treat both of them on the same way. Our job is to make sure to provide a successful project, which means a project that will be delivered on time, on budget, according to the initial plan. Through years of experience of managing installations around the world, we know how to do this and offer it to our customers, helping them to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Product Support

“We do not just sell products, we provide solutions” is one of our company moto. Under this scope, product support is a more general term referring to the handling of the product during the process. Through all that years of installing processing lines around the world, we have gain experience and knowledge on product handling that helps us to design the best possible equipment, innovate with new products and advice our customers on things that can further improve the efficiency of the factory.

Installation & Commission

Every single project has different needs in terms of installation & commission based on customer availability of technical personnel, and resources to complete a project. We gear with the customer requirements and provide flexible installation solutions.
A supervisor which will guide customer technical personnel
A supervisor and engineers which will work together with customer technical personnel
A complete installation team of supervisor, engineers & technical people that will provide a turnkey on solution to the customer.
Each project is only considered as delivered to the customer when it meets all the specifications in terms of product handling – quality, running capacity and efficiency.

Training & Documentation

Training customer personnel (technical and operators) is a key factor to ensure that the equipment/line will run smoothly, without unexpected issues, at the highest possible efficiency on benefit of the customer. We hardly believe that training is an ongoing procedure that happens mechanically wise during the installation and operation wise during the commission as well as during the processing period. For that reason, we always ask and insist our customers to provide people next to engineers, to teach them and transfer knowledge.
Together with the interactive training, we also provide documentation, mainly in English, but according to the customer specifications can be translated to any language.


Maintaining an equipment is a key factor to keep the equipment running smoothly, at the highest possibly efficiency avoided unexpected break downs and minimizing the down time. It has also a positive impact on avoiding unexpected costs and preserve the equipment value. We offer a wide range of maintenance options tailored to the customer needs.


Machines working in a processing line for years it is expected not to be at the best possible condition. Although replacing and old machine with a newer one seems the most attractive solution, sometimes is not feasible due to limited budgets. In such cases, rebuilding a machine which will extend its lifecycle and ensure a better efficiency is the most preferable solution.
We do not only offer refurbishment to our own equipment’s, but also any third-party equipment’s available in a processing line.
Relocation of existing equipment’s is also part of our portfolio of services.

Spare Parts

With respect to our customers initial investment, we offer spare parts for our equipment throughout their lifecycle time. No matter how many years has passed since the original installation of the equipment, we offer spare parts with a short lead time at a competitive price.

After Sales

Any new project is an endless commitment for us. We do not consider that a project is over after a successful commission. On the contrary, we always want to be in contact with the customer, getting his feedback, discussing concepts and providing assistance. On regular basis, years after the original installation, we visit our customers, we establish close working relationship and we provide assistance if necessary.

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