About Us

VIT s.a. is the world leader in processing equipment for the tobacco industry. It was founded in 1988, and started designing machines mainly for the tobacco industry based on the experience of the two founders in processing equipment and industrial air control and handling. The products are especially designed for all the aspects of the tobacco process industry i.e. Oriental tobacco, GLT and Primaries, in terms of building process equipment, lab equipment, electrical control panels, process control systems and software.

The process equipment’s cover the whole range of products required in the tobacco industry, from small size machines like conveyor belts, weight belts, feeding tables, feeders etc. to bigger size machines like DCC, Classifiers, Presses, Re-dryers, High Efficiency Rollers (HERS), Threshers etc. All the equipment’s are designed and built for improved line productivity and enhanced product quality.

Apart from the tobacco industry, the company is also very active in other industries like the agronomy, the recycle industry and the waste management industry.

VIT s.a. is an innovation orientated company. The R&D department is one of the most important departments, if not the most important one. On daily basis, we explore new ways of improving our products, create new ideas, design new products and test them. The result of this is a number registered patents that the company holds and corresponding innovation products implemented in the processing industry.
With almost 30 years of experience, and numerous installations of complete processing lines around the world, we can offer total solutions always accomplished with high performance, high efficiency and innovation.

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